Photography in new york landscape Mariana Martinis
meet mariana

I’m Mariana Martinis, a Venezuelan designer, and photographer with more than 20 years of living and working in New York.

Besides, I’m a mom of two (you probably will know more about them in my blog) a wife (Ms. Orban, especially on the school parent’s WhatsApp group), and a hard worker entrepreneur (Yes, yes, I need a day that lasts for 32 hours).

Since I can remember I have been always captivated and intrigued by art, both my parents are prominent architects, and thanks to them I grew up surrounded by art. My parents are definitely a key influence on my profession, they taught me organically to love and appreciate shapes, color, light, and most importantly, the essence of life.

That environment during my youth encouraged me to take my first lessons in design and photography. It started as a hobby but soon grew to be a passion. During my undergraduate studies, I was curious and willing to discover new techniques –well, I still am. I think that the tools I learned while studying to be a graphic designer opened me up to new possibilities in photography.

What I like the most is capturing the emotional, real, and spontaneous moments, that is the way I document life. I like to communicate with my subjects so they feel comfortable and can express themselves, I usually don’t even ask them to pose, but I try to direct them naturally and organically.

Just like that some magical things happen.

I love to stop those unique moments from running away.

I’m passionate about photographing the circle of life: weddings, maternity, newborns, and families.

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